Mark was working in the construction agency when he first came to The Hope Foundation in 2019. He held a precarious role as a subcontractor and had mostly short-term domestic work which meant he also relied on benefits. Mark wanted to progress within the construction industry. His aim was to become a Health and Safety Inspector in construction which would also mean more regular work and secure employment.

At his first appointment with Kim they researched the job role Mark was looking for, the entry requirements and skills he would need. They then devised a Skills Action Plan planning which skills he would need to work on and which qualifications he would need to gain. Mark would study towards Functional Skills English and ECDL at The Hope Foundation. Though ICT wasn’t a direct requirement for the role, having ICT skills and a qualification would be an advantage for him in securing work and also being able to do this new job effectively.

In order to make the move to work on larger construction and engineering sites, Kim referred Mark to Routes to Work who helped him achieve some of the essential entry requirements: CCNSG (site safety passport) and a CSCS card.

They worked together to create a CV and cover letter so he would be able to approach employers speculatively and Kim introduced Mark to LinkedIn with Advice and Guidance on how to create an effective profile, using his research to ensure this profile matched the entry requirements for the job he was aiming for, CV and cover letter to find work.

For just over a year, Mark attended courses at Hope and received support from Kim, National Careers Services, Routes to Employment and partner organisations. Since August 2020 he has been fully qualified and in full-time, secure employment as a Health and Safety Inspector in logistics.