Nilam was referred to The Hope Foundation in March 2021 by Step Forward Tees Valley. She volunteers for Mind and says, “I needed a device to fill out my call logs and email them to Mind. I also wanted to learn how to access government services, like applying for a passport and railcard.

Getting support from Ageing Better at The Hope Foundation has given me the skills to use a computer to complete forms on Google Docs, attach them and send via email for my volunteering with Mind’s telephone befriending service. It has also given me confidence and courage to do things on my own rather than relying on my children to do it for me.

I learned how to use Google Docs and email as well as how to apply for a passport and railcard. I use it to search the internet to find websites and information, shopping. David has supported me to do this through regular 121s. He has been very patient with me, breaking everything down and writing step-by-step guides I can take home to practice with. This type of service in the community is invaluable and a great asset for people that struggle with IT to have. I would recommend the Hope Foundation to anyone who is struggling and needs that extra support. I’m looking forward to continuing my learning with the courses at the Hope Foundation. My aim is to pass my level one ECDL to give me the qualification and skills to help me on my journey to going to University to study psychology.”