Sara R

Sara arrived in the UK from Iran in 2020. “In Iran I am a highly qualified and competent ITU nurse now a resident in the UK and eager to progress. I was extremely emotional and anxious as I had come from a position that I was recognised as being a leader in my field to now not be able to work due to my language barrier. I wanted to quickly learn the English Language and Maths to meet entry requirements for the NHS service as well as communicate in the Middlesbrough community.”

On the first day “I was really anxious of my inability to communicate effectively and speak the language – I remember being greeted at reception with a smile and someone with patience and the ability to communicate regardless of my language. I also met Kim the Careers Advisor on my first day and to be welcomed by such a warm personality and to ease my worries and give me reassurance is something I will not forget.

I believed in my plan from day 1 – Kim supported me to know the routeway back into medicine and, although I felt quite helpless at the time, the plan helped me to focus on goals of qualifications and volunteering until my language skills and abilities were such to pass the level of IELTS exam required.

Georgia, my tutor, encourages me and makes me believe in myself – all staff would take the time to speak with me and when I was down reassured me again.

My experience at The Hope Foundation has been a supported and positive one. The Hope Foundation staff – volunteers and class mates have made such a difference to my life. I look forward to my days of learning and feel hopeful and positive I can reach my goals in the not-so-distant future!”

Sara has achieved entry level Functional Skills qualifications in English and Maths. She is working towards level 1 English and has secured a voluntary role with the NHS at James Cook University Hospital

“I can now see my pathway back into medicine and believe that this is possible – I am travelling up the mountain instead of being at the bottom.”