Our Matrix assessor said…

After an assessment on 2 nd March 2021, The Hope Foundation has maintained the matrix standard for our Information, Advice and Guidance services.

Many thanks to the learners, staff and partners who spoke to our assessor, Janette. We’re very humbled by some of the lovely things you said about your experiences at Hope and working with Hope.

Here are some highlights from the report “Staff talked about the initial time spent getting to know each client, as having a direct influence on their current success rates. Staff described several different success measures
where the IAG had contributed, and these were the client’s softer outcomes, that included clients demonstrating more self-belief and confidence overcoming initial struggles with anxiety. As part of the assessment, all clients who were interviewed confirmed that their confidence levels had improved considerably.”

Strengths identified by the report include:

Leadership and management.

Staff are well qualified and trained for their roles. All the staff said they enjoyed their jobs at Hope and they also said:

  •  “It is always important to listen to staff”.
  •  “I love working here, I hope I never have to leave, I feel cared about”.
  •  “I have been fully supported to manage my health condition”.
  •  “I feel so lucky to work here”.
  •  “It is very rewarding working here; the team is growing; it is exciting times”.

Equality and diversity

The Hope Foundation can successfully recruit and work with the 40% of clients who have indicated that they have a learning difficulty, disability, or health problem. In addition, they are dementia-friendly and operate a befriending service to ensure client inclusion. Effective partnerships and networking

These partnerships enable The Hope Foundation to provide the most appropriate IAG to students to encourage them to achieve their full potential. (1.8, 4.4)

The Hope Foundation are a relatively small charity, so it was considered to be a strength that they have formed a partnership with an organisation, St John of God, which support individuals caught up in Modern Slavery activities.
Some partner comments include:

“We always get great customer feedback for The Hope Foundation”.
“The Hope Foundation are a pleasure to work with, they can respond to requests and situations very quickly and their quality is fantastic.”

Some client comments include:

“The staff are all brilliant, my confidence in working with computers has improved greatly, previously I had to rely on my colleagues”.

“Finding The Hope Foundation was a godsend, I found myself unemployed and they supported me to update my CV and my IT skills and to find another job”.

“After attending the six week IT course, I am never off my smartphone I even feel confident to use it for my job search”.

“The Hope Foundation has loaned me a tablet, so I can take part in online activities and speak to my family on zoom, due to an illness I am almost housebound, now I feel so much more confident and much less isolated”.
“I was always told I would not be able to pass my exams, through my time with The Hope Foundation I have already achieved my first two qualifications, I now feel confident enough to help others”.

“I am a very anxious person, attending The Hope Foundation has helped me improve my confidence, I am now able to speak up and ask questions”.

“English is not my first language and before I attended The hope Foundation, I didn’t feel confident to hold a conversation, I can do this now.

“The Hope Foundation has been a lifeline during the lockdown, I have made so many new friends”.

“I have completed all of the courses that The Hope Foundation offer, I feel so much more confident and I have made a lot of new friends, once the COVID lockdown is lifted I am looking forward to volunteering.”