Our Middlesbrough College auditor said…

The Hope Foundation subcontracts for Middlesbrough College. Therefore all our courses are Middlesbrough College courses, and an auditor comes to check our delivery every month.

In October 2021 our auditor found that our learners were all happy at Hope. They understood their targets, which were personal to them and that their individual needs were catered for. There was a good, happy and relaxed atmosphere in the classroom which made learners want to attend and complete the course. The learners said:

Q: The Teaching on the course is good?
Yes, it has been great and Georgia is amazing.

Q: I have received training on Prevent and Community (British) Values?
“mutual respect is very important and democracy.”

Q: I feel safe on the course?
“Yes, very safe.”

Q: I know who to contact if I am struggling with my studies?
“Georgia helps a lot and you can ask her everything.”

Q: Do you know how this course will help you in your future employment’
Yes, we can write letters, job applications and we can communicate.